2: The mechanics of string

Let us discuss the mechanics of string. 

Imagine two objects. You can imagine them however you wish, as plain little grey blocks or perfect red spheres, but if you prefer that one of them is an ordinary human and the other the eidolon of the second era, I won’t dissuade you. 

There is a string connecting the two objects axially. If I were to spin the second object, grey block, red sphere, eidolon of the second era, the string would spool up and surround the object. The first object, if it has some string bound around it, will lose that string to the second. 

From our earlier discussion, you may think that the first object, the ordinary human, is pushing the string out of themselves. This would be incorrect. The force is being applied to the second object: it is pulling the string away from the first. Even if the second object isn’t aware this is happening, it is still pulling. 

When you love someone, when you worship them, do you suppose that you have made a conscious choice to do so? Or that all the factors of that relationship have caused that someone to spin, whether quickly or slowly, and pull string from out of you? 

Now imagine every object connected to every other object in such a manner. 

So it is with the Affect. So it is with power.