New Arrivals

Greetings. Inheritors was a serial that launched in February 2018. It changed and transformed a lot. It died in August of 2019.

It will be reborn, end of summer 2020.

If you’re looking for the old serial, please visit the Inheritors Discord and find an .epub version in the pinned messages of the announcements channel. If you’re interested in Gabe’s story coming soon, then drop a bookmark and come back toward the end of August. I would also recommend subscribing to the MegajouleWrites YouTube channel, as there will be content published there, as well as the official Twitter for Inheritors.

In the meantime, there will be some content posted here and under the Lore and Characters tabs. Please keep an eye on that, as well.

4 thoughts on “New Arrivals”

  1. Really great start so far. I think the big highlight of this story so far is the flow of action. I’m not usually a fan of first person perspective, but you get draw in by the second half of this chapter.

    I’m interested to see more off-kilter powers; Mr. Gold is a good example of this so far.

    All in all though, nice stuff. I’ll keep chugging along.

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  2. Hmm.. I just want to drop a comment so I will know when did I start. I won’t know if I’ll stay.. but hey! This looks interesting and we’ll see if it will stay interesting for me, at least.

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  3. *small, ugly goblin waddles in*
    *slooooooowly looks around*

    *sees pile of cushions*
    *snuggles in*
    *smacks lips*

    *opens mouth and utters in an intensely deep voice*: I have arrived. Let the small binge begin.

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