Author’s Note

Hello! You may be wondering where Episode One is! Well, I recently did a rewrite of the first arc, which will follow this post on the navigation! However, if you’d like to read the original version, it’s still available to you here:

Much love šŸ™‚ And unfortunately, the restructure means I lost a lot of comments and likes, so if you’re really enjoying Inheritors please feel free to comment and like šŸ™‚

Click here to begin the rewrite!

One thought on “Author’s Note”

  1. Really great start so far. I think the big highlight of this story so far is the flow of action. I’m not usually a fan of first person perspective, but you get draw in by the second half of this chapter.

    I’m interested to see more off-kilter powers; Mr. Gold is a good example of this so far.

    All in all though, nice stuff. I’ll keep chugging along.

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