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what would you say is the most important thing about yourself?

I would start with the fact that I can’t breathe.

Then, I would say that I am afraid, because I am standing in this doorway while this THING lurks on the edge, prowling and waiting for me to let go, and I am not safe, I am not safe.


Then, I am a hero, I am someone who saves children. I protect people, I save people, I fight monsters. I am fighting a monster.


9 thoughts on “.. / .- — / – …. .- – / .. / .- —”

  1. Yea. It flicks to fast to read. If i was on my computer i could freeze it frame by frame. But trying to read it on my phone ( how i read pretty much all my novels. ) is pretty much impossible


    1. The transcription is: After that, I am a friend, I am a boyfriend. I belong to the Underground/ after that, i am a ghost, I am not here. I belong to absolutely no one.


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