Hey everybody, I know I’ve missed a few updates this last month. Part of that is due to school (I had summer courses) and work (I recently was hired on at a newspaper as an editor), but a large part of it is also my mental health. I suffer from depression and anxiety, and sometimes that really hurts me as a creator. Due to all of my responsibilities on top of writing this, I’ve become stretched thin and burnt out. I need a break.

As sad as it makes me, as much as I love this story and telling it to you, I need a break. Not a long one, but a break. Time to relax and destress and get my mind in the right place. Please bear with me during this time! I have appreciated all of the support and love in the past, the comments and criticism alike. Much love to everyone.


3 thoughts on “break”

  1. Dude, take as long of a break as you need!! You deserve it completely and wholly. You have been doing an incredible job and it’s amazing to hear that a newspaper has recognized your skills and hired you as a freakin editor!! That’s awesome news!! But as always, take care of yourself, after all. You have to save yourself before you save others right?

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