3: The knot of not

I thought to save the knot for the end of our discussion. As a warning, perhaps, that no matter what you try to set right there will be another wrong. Sometimes that wrong is even a consequence of your actions.

What I mean to say is saving the world is not easy.

When I first implemented the patterns into the web of the world, I stopped the snarls, the random tangling of threads that sometimes resulted in monstrosity. For the most part.

But people still have fears and insecurities. They have heavy threads of anxiety, of evil, of  pain, and they spool them out regardless of the world. Sometimes, they spool them into others, and in turn, others spool into others, and others, and others.

I discovered, at the center of my carefully woven tapestry, a knot. A knot growing with each day. Solidifying. Become darker with every thread added to its mass. A black hole weighing on the fabric with its awful weight.

It was a knot of not. A knot of all the things we hope aren’t true about ourselves. A knot of all the pains we hope never to endure.

The knot of not was the direct wrong of my attempt to save the world.