Inheritors is a superpowered web novel that updates twice a week, with special bonus episodes from different POV characters released at random occasions on Saturdays, as there happens to be content/inspiration for a scene from another character’s eyes.

If you have any questions, Megajoule will try to answer them on the Tumblr, or on Twitter.

About Megajoule:

Megajoule was the closest thing to Superman our world ever had. His power was converting and absorbing energy of any kind. He also possessed immunity to most forms of energy, could manipulate his power to fly, redirect attacks, and give himself super strength, speed, and invincibility.

He died in 2077, KIA in an unknown operation. The details of his death remain top secret to this day.

More about human trafficking, and organizations fighting the good fight:

United Against Human Trafficking
YMCA International
Polaris Project for Statistics and Reports
Love 146
A 2nd Cup

Each arc of Inheritors has art to go with it. These are the artists’ pages, so you can check out their other work and support them!

Arc 1 – Dark Hallways – Elena Ferroli
Arc 2 – The Devil You Know – Sketchy-Linez
Arc 3 – The Fight You Lost Before – Audley Heath

A Superpowered Web Serial – Updates Twice Weekly