Gabe – The protagonist. Gabe is a clone of the greatest superhero ever to live, Megajoule. But instead of performing great feats and saving cities, Gabe barely has enough power to save the streets he roams with his friends. He’s trying his best, though.

Powers: Conversion of Thermal Energy into Kinetic Energy and vice versa, Immunity to Thermal Energy. Classification: Heavyweight.

Bedevil – Once the telekinetic wonderkid, sidekick to Megajoule, and bright star of the Inheritors, now she’s a drunk mess with five cats, one dog, and a secret habit of sneaking out in a vigilante costume.

Power: Telekinesis Classification: Heavyweight.

Epione – Epione grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth, but nothing’s been easy for her. She used her power to live without her own emotions and manage her disorder. She dates Flashfire, to the utter confusion of the other Underground members.

Power: Empathy, Emotional Control, Power Stealing. Classification: Heavyweight.

Flashfire – The leader of the Heroic Underground. He’s a man on a mission, and he’s got a heart of gold. His “no-killing” rule makes every fight that much harder, but in his eyes, it’s worth keeping his hands clean. Uses judo to take advantage of his powers. He modeled his costume after Darth Vader when he thought the villain was the hero of the story.

Power: Creates bright phosphorous charges from his hands to blind his enemies. He carries a special flare gun and flash bang grenades that he can load up with charges and reuse. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Remise – Hailing from Scotland in the European Kingdoms, she wields a brogue and a fencing sabre. She’s a steady friend to Flashfire and Gabe, and unashamedly loves the part of their job where they beat people’s faces in. Speaks a little French.

Power: Enhanced Senses, Reaction Time, and Speed. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Drone – Born and raised in Houston, Drone felt more at home inside her home, playing video games, than she did with friends or classmates. She eventually left home for undisclosed reasons (her only answers to questions about her past are noncommittal grunts) and wound up joining Flashfire’s gang.

Power: Machine Telepathy. Classification: Heavyweight.

Pandahead – Slaver and speed runner. He’s running the biggest trafficking operation in all of the UWC.

Power: Fear. Classification: Unknown.


Maisa – a young girl Gabe saved from sex trafficking. She’s curious and bright, but it’s clear her enslavement has done a lot of damage to her mind. While she’s intelligent and composed, she’s also withdrawn and terse.

Power: Minor Illusory Power. Classification: Welterweight

Doc – Gabe’s adoptive… something. He rescued Gabe from the cloning facility, and they’ve been in hiding ever since. He’d really love it if Gabe could hang up the mask and settle down with a nice girl or something. Likes Korean Dramas, avocados, and you shutting the hell up.

Power: Wound Transfer. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Saw Off – The shotgun queen of the vigilante group 2nd Amendment. She’s bratty and loud, but she packs a punch. Cruel! Evil! Murderous! Cheated on Flashfire!

Power: Shotgun Sneeze (haha wtf) Classification: Cruiserweight

Vaquero – Cool, collected, dresses like a cowboy. Totally nonplussed about most things, it seems. Might be high on peyote, not sure.

Power: Immune to ballistics and projectiles traveling above 500 f/s. Classification: Cruiserweight

Lugs – the dude that tried to step up to Gabe almost immediately, but turns out to be a pretty friendly guy. Has a huge metal arm.

Power: Magnetic Pulse Classification: Cruiserweight

Mil-dot – sniper, scowler, sister to Lugs. You’ve heard of tsunderes, now get ready for a girl that just really doesn’t like you.

Power: Superior Enhanced Vision (Zoom/Microscope, Infrared, X-ray) Classification: Cruiserweight

Mr. Gold – A stalwart agent of the Federal Investigative Services that fought Gabe near the warehouse where he rescued Maisa. Serious business, 24/7.

Power: Aurokinesis. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Krater – the leader of the Houston Heroes. Strong and brash, he takes on the biggest threats that Houston faces. Only problem is – when was the last time that happened?

Power: Superior Strength, Superior Durability, Superior Speed. Classification: Heavyweight.

Hasuji – the super sonic swordsman. He could outserious Mr. Gold, and he’s clearly got no qualms killing his enemies with his incredibly fast strikes.

Power: Superior Speed, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Strength. Classification: Heavyweight.

Tachikaze – Hasuji’s student, and a powerful hero in her own right.

Power: Air Slash. Classification: Heavyweight.

Danger Close – Top Gun wannabe, shades and all. Puts on a show of womanizing, but he’s an excellent pilot and soldier. Uses an experimental suit to fight.

Power: Superior Cognition, Superior Reaction Time, Bonded Armor. Classification: Heavyweight.

Iso – A journalist turned vigilante in Houston. He looks like Droopy the Dog wearing a trench coat and a fedora, but his information is top notch. Carries a camera everywhere.

Power: Item Based Telepathy/Telekinesis (Camera) Classification: Welterweight.

Megajoule – He was the greatest there ever was.

Power: Energy Absorption, Conversion, Distribution, Immunity. Classification: Heavyweight

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