WARNING: These pages contain spoilers to the current episodes of Inheritors. If you need reminders on who they are, a brief synopsis is included next to their links.

Gabe – A clone of the greatest superhero ever to live, Megajoule.

Bedevil – Telekinetic wonder-kid, sidekick to Megajoule.

Epione – The money of the Underground.

Flashfire – The leader of the Heroic Underground. No killing.

Remise – Scottish as fuck, loves a good fight, enhanced senses and speed.

Drone – the gearhead of the Underground.

Maisa – the young ward of the Underground, saved from sex slavery by Gabe.

Pandahead – Human trafficker, speed runner, possessor of a silly name.


(Contains characters revealed up to the current episode of Inheritors)

Doc – Gabe’s adoptive… something. Power: Wound Transfer. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Saw Off – The shotgun queen of the vigilante group 2nd Amendment. Power: Shotgun Sneeze (haha wtf) Classification: Cruiserweight

Vaquero – Cool, collected, dresses like a cowboy. Power: Immune to ballistics and projectiles traveling above 500 f/s. Classification: Cruiserweight

Lugs – Friendly guy with a huge metal arm. Power: Magnetic Pulse Classification: Cruiserweight

Mil-dot – sniper, scowler, sister to Lugs. Power: Superior Enhanced Vision (Zoom/Microscope, Infrared, X-ray) Classification: Cruiserweight

Cynic – the international director of OPI. Power: Telepathy. Classification: Heavyweight.

Mr. Gold – A stalwart agent of the Federal Investigative Services that fought Gabe near the warehouse where he rescued Maisa. Power: Aurokinesis. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Krater – the leader of the Houston Heroes. Strong and brash, he takes on the biggest threats that Houston faces. Power: Superior Strength, Superior Durability, Superior Speed. Classification: Heavyweight.

Hasuji – the super sonic swordsman of the Houston Heroes. Power: Superior Speed, Enhanced Agility, Enhanced Strength. Classification: Heavyweight.

Tachikaze – Hasuji’s student, and a powerful hero in her own right. Power: Air Slash. Classification: Heavyweight.

Danger Close – Top Gun wannabe, shades and all. Uses an experimental suit to fight. Power: Superior Cognition, Superior Reaction Time, Bonded Armor. Classification: Heavyweight.

Iso – A journalist turned vigilante in Houston. Power: Item Based Telepathy/Telekinesis (Camera) Classification: Welterweight.

Snow Owl – the once leader of the Harris Hawks, out of retirement to stop her brother. Power: Super Strength, Flight, Ice Control. Classification: Heavyweight.

Jettison – The hot shot of the Harris Hawks. Power: Wind Blasts, Flight. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Afterthought – arrogant business suit guy, member of Harris Hawks. Power: Death Sense. Classification: Welterweight.

Trainwreck – crew cut that goes from skinny to HULK the more he gets hurt. Power: Adaptive Super Strength. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Gyrfalcon – the right hand lady to Snow Owl in the Harris Hawks. Power: Flight and enhanced Strength. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Carapace – Leader of the vigilante group, the Street Devils, she’s a bright young girl. Power: Exoskeleton. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Dust Devil – Peppy and athletic, she’s the soul of the Street Devils. Power: Wind Blast. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Asperity – A natural comedian and a bit of a douche, he’s the laughter of the Street Devils. Power:  Classification: Welterweight.

Empyreal – the detective leader of the Ministers, he’s got an angel on his shoulder. Power: Symbiotic relationship with Araphel. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Lily – Empyreal’s right hand woman in the Ministers, she’s innocent, and a natural helper. Power: Danger Sense. Classification: Welterweight.

G – Another member of the Ministers. Power: Gravity Control. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Casanova – Last member of the Ministers. Power: Charming Gaze. Classification: Welterweight.

Abyss – One of the few heroes allowed to wear a mask because of his powers. Member of Listener Four. Power: Enfeebling Gaze. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Aaron – A hero that does everything he can not to look like one. Member of Listener Four. Power: Invincibility. Classification: Heavyweight.

Atomic Clock – The leader of Listener Four. Power: Foresight. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Sledge – the leader of the Hammers. Came to Pandahead’s aid to stop the Sanctified Remnant. Power: Absolute Body Supremacy. Classification: Heavyweight.

Warspeed – the teleporting bruiser of the Hammers. Power: Teleportation, Duplication. Classification: Heavyweight.

Thunderclap – the heavy-hitting flying brick of the Hammers. Power: Thunderwave, Flight. Classification: Heavyweight.

Piledrive – one hand has buzz saws, the other a crane hook. Member of the Hammers. Power: Mechanical Assimilation. Classification: Heavyweight.

Pyre – the turncoat that warns the Underground about the Hammers. Power: Flame Control. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Megajoule – He was the greatest there ever was. Power: Energy Absorption, Conversion, Distribution, Immunity. Classification: Super Heavyweight.

Longinus – Megajoule’s confidant and main ally. Power: Power Acquisition via Item (Bible). Classification: Cruiserweight.

Templar – The grim faced member of the Inheritors, one of Megajoule’s team mates. Power: Biokinesis. Classification: Heavyweight.

Nero – A renowned but somewhat infamous cape. He’s as unhinged as you’d expect. Power: Regenerative Resurrection and Energy Release. Classification: Heavyweight.

Wind Rider – Once a member of the Inheritors, one time lover of Bedevil, and now one of the top ten heroes in OPI. Power: Aerokinesis. Classification: Heavyweight

Echo – A member of the Bay Biters, now Remise’s girlfriend. Power: Sonar, Fangs. Classification: Welterweight.

Crane – Leader of the Bay Biters. Power: Enhanced Strength. Classification: Welterweight.

Sidestep – A member of the Bay Biters. Power: Unknown. Classification: Welterweight.

Tamper – A member of the bay Biters. Power: Unknown. Classification: Welterweight.

Spark – A cape that patrols near Baytown. Power: Flight. Superstrength. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Carnality – an infamous cloak with ties to Nero and OPI. Power: Blood Manipulation, Vampiric Form. Classification: Super Heavyweight.

Meltdown – a famous cape that is the heir apparent to Megajoule, as well as wife to Wind Rider. Power: Electromagnetic Manipulation. Classification: Heavyweight.

Archimedes – one of the OPI leadership, he was responsible for crafting a lot of the gear for big name capes, as well as designing the White Shark, the Archimedes Bullets, and Gabe’s suit. Power: Superior Creativity, Power Engineering. Classification: Heavyweight

Linear – Archimedes best friend and his personal calculator. A very quiet and relaxed guy. Doesn’t speak unless spoken to. Power: Data Processing, Probability Predictions. Classification: Heavyweight

Oracle – Oracle was once a member of the Sovereigns of Africa, a cape organization that eventually secured peace for the Eastern African nations. She was expelled from her home country over accusations of tampering with politicians memories, and found a home in OPI. Supposedly died during the fight that killed Megajoule. Power: Memory Manipulation. Classification: Heavyweight.

Lucio Genz – the president of Argentina. He’s working with the New Foundation, but their relationship is not perfect. Power: ? Classification: ?

Mago – a cape that works on New Foundation’s command. Power: Data Management Classification: Cruiserweight.

Torn – one of Saw Off’s new teammates. Young Argentinian man. Power: can slice through inert material with his finger. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Chase – another of Saw Off’s new teammates. A middle aged Argentinian woman. Power: Super speed and acrobatic grace. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Tremble – the last member of Saw Off’s team. A very young girl, roughly thirteen years old. Power: can cause shock waves by stamping her feet. Classification: Cruiserweight.

Doppelganger – the long missing creator of Gabe and his fellow clones. Power: Genetic Manipulation and Duplication. Classification: Heavyweight.

Kassandra – Doppelganger’s assistant. Power: Geokinetic. Classification: Heavyweight

The Thin Man – Another of Doppelganger’s assistants. Power: Nullification Empath. Classification: Heavyweight.

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