The following is a glossary of terms and diagrams one may find useful while reading Inheritors. They contain spoilers up to the present episode, so be warned.









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The Affect is both a dimension of emotions and a person’s manifestation of their power and their self. It exists out of sight but influences the entire universe as a fundamental energy that humans derive strength from. It is also the realm of the Fear.

A Bronzesouled human is one with a core that is driven by faith, will, passion, and drive, and a power that represents adaptability. This means their power grows stronger by consecutive use under duress, or develops new facets in response to crisis. Their flaws typically include doubt, over-martyrdom, and disdain. Examples: Gabe, Maisa, Sledge

A Goldsouled human is one with a core driven by charisma, charity, courage, and influence, a regular social butterfly, and they have a power that represents virtuoso skill. They typically have a difficult to master power that will greatly reward them if they practice with it. Their flaws typically include arrogance, condescension, and assumption. Examples: Megajoule, Archimedes

A Silversouled human is one with a core driven by love, self-sacrifice, and the need to protect their loved ones. They have a power that represents control, whether that means over an element or pure force. Their flaws typically include regret, self-destruction, and obsession. Examples: Bedevil, Cynic, Mr. Gold

A Coppersouled human is one with a core driven by strength, hunger, and ambition. Their power represents force, and usually they have no difficulties stepping into this power. Their flaws typically include hate, pride, and being obstinate. Examples: Krater, Nero, Carnality

Weight Classes 

The weight class system is a constructed system OPI uses to classify levels of power. It is an arbitrary labeling but a useful shorthand for quickly determining threat level and capability of a superpowered individual. It has a number of variables that determine the person’s overall score.

Superheavyweight – A superheavyweight is someone with power capable of leveling entire cities and doing damage on an international to global scale. This is not limited to just physical damage, but could include population manipulation, as well. Only a few people have ever been labeled superheavyweights. In the Affect, this corresponds to the metallic souls at the center of the diagram, but they are considered more powerful than regular heavyweights for reasons of scale. Megajoule and Carnality are considered superheavyweights.

Heavyweight – A heavyweight is someone with power capable of doing significant structural damage to a city. In the Affect, this corresponds roughly to the metallic souls at the center of the diagram: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Copper. Gabe and Bedevil are heavyweights.

Cruiserweight – a cruiserweight is someone with power that can do a moderate amount of damage to people or a neighborhood. In the Affect, this corresponds to the crystalline souls of the second ring. Remise and Saw Off are cruiserweights.

Welterweight – a welterweight is someone with a minor power that gives them a significant advantage over another human being in terms of combat or influence, or could be a cruiserweight but requires some kind totem for their power. In the Affect, this corresponds to the mono-color souls on the outside ring of the diagram. Flashfire and Iso are welterweights.

Lightweight – a lightweight is someone with a very minor power that may give them an advantage in a specific situation. For example, someone who is immune to being drugged in any circumstance is considered a lightweight power. In the Affect, this person would be on the outer ring but a dimmer color compared to welterweights.

Featherweight – a featherweight is someone with a power that is virtually useless in application, a minor quirk that doesn’t afford them an advantage except in extremely limited circumstances. For example, someone who is immune to caffeine specifically is considered a featherweight. In the Affect, this person would have a color so faint it would be difficult to tell where they sat on the outer ring of the diagram.

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